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  Educational Media

Biosand Filter Videos (work-in-progress)

\\'Kids of Kayele\\' logo

A 2D animated project created to inform end users on the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the biosand filter with “Story” videos and “Instructional” web animations for 6 unique regions of the world. In English (with regional accents), French and Spanish.

Visit the CAWST site to download the app available on multiple platforms.

Kids of Kayele: Interactive Game & Resource

\\'Kids of Kayele\\' logo

Game/resource containing a main game screen where all the strategic choices are made. Contains quizzes, stats and graphs, and 23 embedded short videos. Produced for CAWST\\'s Wavemakers Youth Program with lesson plans.

FutureThink BC

FutureThink BC menu

For high school science, social studies and geography. Includes 9 interactive Flash movies with animations and user-interface. Produced and directed by Animation Brewery as a resource for (now the HCTF).

The Magical Thread

\\'The MagicalThread\\' title over a forest background with \\'begin adventure\\' button

Learning game for children in grades 1 - 3. Loaded with rich video content, interactive activities, stories, and songs.

Tikho\\'s Story

photo of smiling Tikho

Interactive Flash presentation with illustrations, photos, videos, and captions plays in our custom built player, plus supporting lesson plans prepared by our client, CAWST. French and Spanish versions available.

Interactive Map

animated cartoon drawing of Vancouver

Animated logo and interactive animated maps of major North American cities.

Geothermal Energy

Flash animated visualization in popUp window

Interactive Flash animation demonstrating the science of harnessing of geothermal energy from deep below the earth\\'s crust.

"Expand the Pension Umbrella" (AFL)

Produced for the Alberta Federation of Labour critiquing the Alberta government\\'s approach to public-sector workers\\' pensions. Narrated by Linda Cullen from Double Exposure.

  Entertainment Media


2D Animation Sample Reel

A compilation of 2D Flash Animation from Animation Brewery.

Classical Animation Sample Reel

Animation Brewery owner\\'s traditional animation samples pre-2005 era + POP-UP with credit list.

                         GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT!

    charicature of Stephen Harper

Political satire as an animated web-series pilot, featuring the talents of the legendary comedy duo Double Exposure, Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen. The pilot was produced and directed by Animation Brewery.

zOmBie Christmas E-Card


Two zombies meet at the graveyard to exchange gifts. How sweet...


scene from production: boy puts martial arts move on large creature standing peacefully

Flash animation scene for Bardel Entertainment on the animated TV series Chaotic (Season 2)

Delilah and Julius

\\'Delilah and Julius\\' logo

Completed Delilah and Julius: Season 2 animation for Collideascope Digital (RIP...), Halifax.

Suicidal Squirels

cartoon squirrel standing next to golf-tee

Animation test for Cyoshi Crucial

Dress for Success Ecard

Animated Holiday E-Card for Dress for Success Vancouver.


three characters from \\'Zigby\\'

Storyboarding 6 episodes of Zigby! for Digital Alchemy Entertainment, Vancouver.

Underwater Scene

underwater angle on a brick wall, above is brightly lit surface

Interactive Underwater Flash Enviornment -- Try it out!

Animated Flash Ecards

  cartoon rat-rocker plays electric guitar and sings   voluptuous cartoon woman in red dress   cartoon pilgrim waves and smiles   cartoon cowboy walks down stairs with a shotgun   cartoon happy couple driving car

Early Flash e-card projects for the web.

The Singing Butts - DVD Cover Layout

\\'The Singing Butts: Unplugged\\' DVD cover illustration with three characters, pants down, 
                            and bare backsides on a stage facing a microphone

Prepared colouring and layout of 6-panel DVD cover art by incredible artist Gerry Fournier (RIP). The DVD was a twisted little side project for James Bowers (its his fault).

The Singing Butts - Poster Colour

cartoon image: dancer in a club with his bare bottom exposed strikes a pose

Colour and linework on a series of ...ahem...butt-themed posters for The Singing Butts (old website on wayback machine, 2016).

3D Models for the Wii

3D models, designs and textures on Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding for the Wii, for our client Magellan Interactive Vancouver.