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We create stories, animations, videos, games and other interactions for web, tablets and mobile from concept to final delivery. We also can provide singular elements including prototypes, designs, storyboards or illustrations.

Our services can be ordered à la carte or as a bundle depending on how flexible the budget is or the nature of the deliverable. For, games and mobile apps we suggest package pricing with a payment schedule tied to milestones.

Big projects don't scare us – been there, done that. Our specialization has always been 2D cartoon style artwork, but as artists we adapt and learn on every project no matter what medium is used. Here's our suite of services:

  • Consultation – Meeting time, follow-up, and feedback or scope documents
       that will be useful for further development
  • Pre-production – Concept development, documentation and visualization
       including “pitch packages”, prototypes, colour styling, storyboarding, and
       script and story writing
  • Production – Full-scale medium-sized production (large crew)
       potential, small scale production (minimal crew), includes
       programming, design and art production, animation, audience
       testing, casting and voice recording
  • Post-Production – Video editing and visual effects, sound
       design and music
  • Maintenance – Ongoing care and testing of web resources

  • A word about the writing....
    We believe that good project, script and story writing is absolutely crucial to the success of a project!