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About|Animation Brewery

Who are we?

Animation Brewery is a boutique animation and games company that works with non-profits, NGOs and caring companies to produce exceptional learning media. We produce compelling and entertaining stories, animations, videos, games and other interaction for web, tablets and mobile. Our background is in 2D cartoon animation for TV. We love using our entertainment-industry background to delight audiences with memorable and fun learning experiences.

Glen Schachowskoj

Owner, Head of Creative Development

photo of Glen Schaowskoj
Glen graduated from Ontario's prestigious Sheridan Animation Program then headed off to the Vancouver animation boom in the 90s. Since then he has been involved in animation and games projects from coast to coast including starting and running an animation studio in Halifax. He is a double threat as both a seasoned animation director, and as a computer programmer.

Stu Wenschlag

Owner, Head of Business Development

photo of Stu Wenschlag
Stu graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art & Design (now the Emily Carr University of Art & Design) in '91 and has worked in every conceivable position in TV cartoon animation ever since. In 2005, after 2 years supervising TV animation in Korea, Hong Kong and China, he started Animation Brewery Productions with Glen. Stu is the chatty one who likes networking and getting to know our clients.

What do we do?

We offer turn-key solutions to organizations to create modern fun interactive learning media for their audience. See our Services page for detailed information.

How do our client relationships work?

Through close collaboration we facilitate a synergistic environment for project development. Often, clients come to us struggling with what media to choose and many other uncertainties about how best to reach their target audience. After some free initial dialogue we help clarify and articulate their needs and desires with a written project description and cost and time/schedule estimate.

Where to meet us?

We are in beautiful downtown Vancouver but our reach is global. We use email and telephone/Skype with most of our clients so location is generally inconsequential. However, we are always very pleased to meet clients face-to-face.

When do you need us?

The very best time is at at the concept stage. We can help... ALOT. Our initial project consultation is free because we want to eliminate barriers to the next steps. Call Stu Wenschlag at (604)716-0055 or email with a brief description of your project and any other details you would like to share.