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A GROSS political satire featuring the talents of the legendary comedy duo Double Exposure . These hilarious animated shorts poke fun at current events and current leaders with the celebrated wit of Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen. The pilot, produced and directed by Animation Brewery, debuted online Oct 2, 2008.

cartoon image of a huge hockey goalie in his crease: click to enlarge image

Over the Top Sports

Pitch for the latest CRAZE in sports entertainment Over The Top Sports the Animated Series. A slam bam ride of Sports hilarity seen on TV through the eyes of Ed, a channel-surfing sports junkie and no-nonsense couch potato. A series of short animations created by Glen Schachowskoj.

cartoon ilustration of Dr Fret holding a big butcher knife looking 
        sinister next to the homely looking Igon

Blood and Guts Theatre

Action, Suspense, Comedy and Horror
An animated series starring the slightly evil surgeon Dr Fret and his sidekick and companion, Igon. Set in Canada during the late 1800's, the "Laurel and Hardy" pair live life on the run with the dimwitted Mountie, Dan Steele, always close on their heels.

Zombie Chrismas Ecard

Animation Brewery wants to wish you all a Happy Holidays! Two zombies meet at the cemetary to exchange gifts. How sweet... look for these two bone racks to meet up again in new and weird situations.

Original Flash Animated Version

cartoon JD Bitterman on his front steps

JD Bitterman

"I know what you are thinking, what a jaded bitter man. Not me, I'm JD Bitterman".

An animated web series of humourous rants and vitriol created by Glen Schachowskoj starring Mr. Opinion himself, JD Bitterman.


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